First thing for anything…

Hi guys!
I’ll be making this short and sweet for my very first post. I started my own personal page to blog about my personal fashion favorites, talk fitness, travel, lifestyle and much more. Doing this (blogging) makes me happy, so stay with me and I’ll throw some happiness your way 🙂

So as you all know summer just started two days ago… of course if you live in Houston like me it started about maybe two months ago. I’m excited for all the new adventures and cant wait to share them with you. Although I must say summer has always been the least of my favorite seasons but slowly I’m starting to change my mind. With all the new places I want to visit and advancing my fitness lifestyle I’m really looking forward to all of it and summer is the best time to do so. I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their summer, stay positive, stay hydrated most of all, and remember is never too late to start something new, who said you had to start first of the year? not anymore! So go sail on a new adventure, and have fun!!!

As for now I will keep on blogging…


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