Beach Please !



What I call a nice afternoon in Santa Monica. Sometimes you just have to go far from everyone else to clear your thoughts and refresh your mind. Hubs & I decided to do just that by waiting for the sun to set and enjoy each others company.

I’m not sure if this is more common than I would think but I rather sit on the sand, tan, and eat sweets than be in the water (maybe because I cant swim) who knows. Some of my favorites things to pack with me when I head to the beach are; lip balm, a nice shady hat, big sunglasses, enough blanket space to lay on, and plenty of coolers!. Does anyone have an item they must take to the beach? Share with me.

I’m currently obsessed with nude mauve tones. For a person who always wears monotone colors, these pale hues are everything right now. If you are simple like me these colors are perfect ! Its the right kind of minimal look with a girly side, that will have your whole outfit pop. There is no such thing as it being too “dull” or “plain” I call it classic!

P.s Stay tune for a very rosy/nude inspire wardrobe from yours truly on my next post!!





1466733334Well goodbye for now, Until next time …


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