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My Summer’s Go-to Color

What color is overflowing in your closet this summer?

As you can see I’m currently obsessed with these pink hues, the nude tones, rose gold…I’ll take them all! Funny thing is that I never been a fan of pink, I mean black rules above all in my wardrobe but when it comes the these specific hues of pink I gravitate to them. These colors just fit so well in this hot weather, it keeps you fresh but yet very stylish. I bought this pink tank (get this I don’t buy pink) and I was surprised how well it went with my skin, plus I received plenty of compliments, and babe loved it! That was it I was sold to the color!

Click to view what’s in my closet above.

(ask me where I got these lovely pieces from)


Talking all pink favorites…

 The perfect rose gold heeled sandals I came across.

These beauties are from H&M and they are super comfortable, they go with everything from jeans and a blouse to a nice summer dress. I cant wait to style these and show you guys different ways I wear them.


Every girls knows lippies are a all time must! Well as for myself, I’m going towards all the pink mauves. That’s why all my lippies look like this, I wear them prob 80% of the time. My favorite one right now has to be “double shot” by MAC Cosmetics, it goes with most of my pale looks since the color is more like a chocolaty brown (So I guess that’s not so pink but its blends well). I like to blend it with my “whirl” liner from MAC, it gives it that perfect mauve color I’m always looking for.

P.s Sorry for the short posts, promise to bring you so much more on the next ones!


Until then…



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