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Hey Babes! So I decided to do this blog post to show you a quick make-up tutorial for the gals that are always on the go or just don’t feel like applying much make-up. As for myself I thought this would be helpful and comforting for those who work long hours, squeeze gym right after each shift, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting all that make-up on or for whatever your reason is. It can get a little  tiring and lets face it sometimes we don’t want the whole glam look just to run our errands  but we also don’t want to look like zombies.

I’m a nurse and we are basically known for messy buns, scrubs and lots of coffee (yea pretty much)  But as girls we try to look decent and tasteful, although sometimes I feel like I could knock out standing up. With that being said I prefer little to no make-up since I make my stop at the gym before heading home, with light makeup it is so easy for me to wipe off.

… So this is where I carry my to go make-up, it’s small but its a lifesaver. (It includes: foundation, powder, mascara, lip stain, blush, tweezers, brow dip, eye liner, lip moisturizer, face primer, & face lotion.)


The Skin

First things first, when applying makeup I want to make sure my face is clean. I have oily plus dry skin in some areas, so I apply a dot of lotion (I use either Aveno or Aquaphor) on my dry spots. To prep my face I use this Smashbox oil-free face primer, they have three kinds of this primer but this one works just fine for me. Keeps my makeup in tact for the rest of the day perfectly

The Skin (part deux)

To cover all the blemishes on I apply liquid foundation first. I use Loreal tru match in “Natural Beige W4”. I been using this product for a very long time now, not only does it do its job at covering every spot in my face, but it also includes SPF 17 to protect my skin from the sun. I love that its not so heavy and it never cakes up, so it lasts all day. (P.S I use a brush to apply my liquid foundation because its faster , cleaner, and helps avoid putting the oil on my fingers onto my face)

The Face (III)

To smoothen out the skin I use Bare Minerals ready foundation in “R250”. It smooth’s out all the bumps and dents, also it evens every angle in my face to look perfectly polished like a porcelain doll!.

The Cheeks
Here comes the color, from what ever shade/brand of blush you choose, it will give your face life!. I have so many shades, but my favorite to go blush at the moment would have to be from Physicians Formula in “Blushing Natural”, it includes different tones to give you the perfect rosy/bronze cheeks.


The Brows

(You can totally skip this step, sometimes I do)

I am totally obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in “Medium Brown” right now. It leaves the brows looking natural and its so easy to use. For a speedy look I only lightly shade and outline the eyebrow, so it doesn’t take me forever. So don’t be feel like it’s going to take you hours to get them all nicely shape

The Eyelashes

What’s one item you just have to have in your face to make you feel complete? Mascara!! I use MakeUpForever the “Smoky Extravagant” in black. Now let me tell you guys my eyelashes are short but this baby works miracles, I even have people ask to see if I’m wearing falsies. Of course it depends on how many coats you apply because this mascara give you whatever look you want. Pretty versatile!

The Lips

….Finally, to finish up my look I just apply lip balm. This one is from Simple Pleasures, I got it as a Christmas gift once. Not sure what color it is but it has a really pink tint to it plus it smells good! I love it just because it works just like a lip stain and it does its job at moisturizing my lips. Of course you can always choose to wear a lippie of your choice, I prefer something light and not having to worry about it looking weird once it starts to wear off.

There you have it guys, this is me on my busy days. It probably looks like I tried but in reality I most likely did all this in my car right before work!. Not exactly your makeup expert but just a little example on a polished face on those lazy days.

Other Beauty Favs…


(Click to view)

I am completely obsessed with these products, I think I use one of these at least once a day. For example I been using Clean and Clear the Persa-gel for as long I can remember. I dab a tiny bit on my pimples at night and they are pretty much have gone down or just completely gone the next morning. I am a very low maintenance person so the least products the better for me. Lotions, face wash, or treatments can be a lot to keep up with so just breath. You don’t have to go out there and buy a million products or do too much to keep your skin flawless and healthy. I hope this helped out a little until next time babes!…

Love you guys!



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