Denim & Update!


A little something first…

Hi Babes! I’m hoping you have spent the past few days of summer well. I been so caught up with work, squeezing workouts every chance I get, and planning events left and right. I’m actually pretty content on how my summer has been going, I’m trying to stay active and most of all enjoy every min of it. Everyone that works or has work a full time job (and I do mean a full work load with many personal responsibilities) knows that free time is very valuable. My number one tip which has helped me a lot, is to stay active ! I feel you can accomplish so much in your free time. Of course have fun, but step out of your comfort zone and  go for something you have been passionate about wanting to try out, for example: try a new dance class, do photography, or just maybe start a new blog …like me 🙂 Who knows maybe one of those things can get you somewhere or change your life. Things don’t happen by just laying on your couch or sleeping in all day (although that sounds amazing most times) but we are young and life is full of opportunities take advantage of them while you still can. Find time to search for something that will benefit your lifestyle this summer, give something new a try. Feel free to send me your feedback, I would love to read about your new adventures!


On another happy note…


So I been searching for new inspiration I can include in my wardrobe. I have been fascinated in the whole denim look lately, it makes such a classic statement plus it never goes out of style! I thought I share a few ways on how to incorporate the denim you already own to create new outfits that will make it pop out in a very modern and minimal way. So yes girl yes! I just saved you a few bucks! HA. We see in social media how denim has become so big, and you are probably wondering where this celebrity bought their outfit from, or thinking “I cant pull that off”…. well yes you can babygirl!

My style is very minimal, and let me tell you sometimes its a good thing. You can be wearing the same pair of jeans different ways, look fab, and have people thinking you went and bought a whole new outfit. You want to be able to leave people thinking how you pulled that off, all while keeping it chic and unique.

Of shoulder crop top: Forever 21

Heels: Forever 21

Purse: Thrifted

Button up: HM

Purse: Kate Spade

Cage heels: Forever 21

Sandal heels: HM

Jeans: Forever 21

Pom-pom keychain: Francescas

Purse: HM

“Kim K Inspired”
Jacket: Forever21


Heels: Aldo

>>Dont be afraid of putting more than one wash (prints count too)<<


Have Fun, Be safe, Stay Fab !




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