Behind every girl there is some kind of insecurity. As for me it was constantly my weight. I grew up being the thicker one in my family and my weight was always irregular (hence I said thicker because I was never overweight.) I hated that out of my family I had the chubby cheeks, I grew up being more developed than other girls, and ppl would refer to me as the “rounder one” at times. Most of the time you would find me wearing baggy clothes to hide my body or I would always find a way to cover my arms with a sweater or cardigan. My weight would always go up and down and my mom would get so mad because at times when I was so skinny nothing would fit so she would have to pin my clothes or adjust the seam. Other times she would say “you better eat, don’t starve yourself to loose weight”, she still says that sometimes and I find it amusing because I actually eat plenty and more. I love food! But I think as I grew older I was slightly more insecured about being chubby.

Like many other people I tried to focus on my body weight, and also the fact that as you get older it’s easier to gain weight and if you don’t do anything about it, it stays there or adds on. I joined the gym about five years ago,  but struggled working out or keeping a consistent schedule. I think I just reached a point in my life where I just had enough and needed to change things around. It was tough but little by little I started to see results and those results gave me the motivation to keep going. Once you go so far it’s hard to quit on your hard work.

My weakness is chocolate or just about any kind of sweet! I swear I can eat dessert anytime of the day and leave the big meals out if I could. I try not to limit myself to the extreme, I eat a little bit of everything but make much more healthier choices now. My diet is not perfect nor do I consider it a diet but I’m trying to make better decisions as I go. I can say I have left things like sodas, fast food, or buying junk food for the home, instead I try to buy a lot of fruits, buy more low sodium or carb like foods, and  include plenty of fiber into my meals. Little things like that have helped me a lot, plus I work out at least four times a week. I love working out I feel so much more comfortable about my body now. I’m pretty happy about my results, so far I have lost about 25 pounds since I started by excercising and eating better. I don’t care much anymore about the little things and what people think, I don’t care about looking a certain way or being supermodel skinny or worry about what the scale says. I decided I just want to be fit, healthy, and feel comfortable in my own skin, not have to label myself as skinny or fat. I’ve learned that the whole time my body was mines to control. You have to be able to compliment yourself once in a while and it’s all about dedication, if you want things to change you have to put some effort in it and keep a positive mentality.

With all the social media that we have now one of the things that you see the most is woman with very skimpy clothing or non at all. Fillers, plastic surgery, or displaying what a “perfect body” is supposed to look like, is so normal nowadays. Just to be clear I am not against surgery or how much can skin you should show, I just believe there’s very few promoting body confidence or acceptance to our new generation of young girls. It’s important to speak about this subject because of how big it has become and how much it influences so many of our female audience. Be confident about yourself no matter skin color, shape,  or size,  you don’t have to look like a Kardashian to be beautiful nor despite what social media tells you. You are the boss to your own body whether you choose to change something or not, don’t to do it for anyone or to fit in do everything for yourself and what makes you happy…


So be proud & flaunt it girl!



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