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Confessions of a Shopaholic

If I was anything like a movie fictional character it would have to be Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love that movie!! Probably without the whole in-debt situation Lol. If you have not seen the movie stop reading this and go watch it now! Just kidding keep reading ! For a girl who loves to shop, I have to have some kind of method to keep from goin overboard and still be able to snatch that outfit of the rack. Shopping is my guilty pleasure, but when you’re an adult you have shit to pay and priorities come first.

Tips on Shopping, Lesssss goooo

  1. Do you have the extra cash for it? Meaning have you paid your bills, have already set money aside for savings, and another saved money for upcoming bills and expenses…then you will know how much money you have left to spend.
  2. Seriously save your receipt! I always try to save it until I actually worn the item or the return exp date.
  3. Use coupons, online codes, or wait for sales whether is online or in store… Who knows maybe that dress you like gets knocked down to the sale section, give it a few days.
  4. Pricey clothing? On a budget? Ask yourself “Am I going to wear this more than one?” Also when shopping you have to put into two categories, do you love it or just like it? Same thing as a need or want situation.
  5. Dont settle for the first price you see, maybe another store has the same item for a cheaper price or has a sale going on.

When you are constantly buying clothes you can’t keep stacking everything up into your closet (trust me I’ve learned that the hard way) solo… Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year. I mean if you haven’t worn it in the past year what makes you think you will the next. It can be kind of hard when you really like that item and it’s time to let it go specially if it fit you so nicely, but think of it this way why not get something new in return instead. Who doesn’t like new?!!

Nevertheless I would give out my clothes when I longer want it but it hurt a little just giving out good clothes I work hard and payed good money for. So I tried several things in the past to get some money in return (for ex; platos closet or other retail exchange comp) but I felt like I wasn’t getting my clothes worth. So when trying to figure out what to do with my clothes, I finally got the idea from my fellow gal Nica Yusef @xofashionica. I saw she had her own shop set up online where she sells her clothes, and people actually buy them. Of course the clothes is gorgeous and in style(tips below). So I went on and  did some research to see which website was the best to sell my clothes on. I started using Envycloset and Poshmark, and I loved them both but I stuck with Poshmark alone because it freakishly hassle free! I’ve sold so many stuff already for a fair price I set. My customers are happy with their purchases and that makes me happy. You never know maybe you were one of the lucky ones who bought that item before it sold out, and now someone can finally can get their hands on it and style it their own way. It feels nice that someone is putting to good use instead of being hung in your closet the whole time.

Tips on selling

  1. Do your research to how and where you want to sell your item, whatever seems more  convinient to you.
  2. Display your items nicely in a way your customer would want to buy it (style it if you could, it gives them ideas on how they could wear it plus the first impression it’s always the most important)
  3. Make sure your clothes are in good condition or if it contains a defect be honest. What you thought you couldn’t fix others can do magic!
  4. the more in style your clothing is the more it sells, or items that never go out of style work as well.
  5. Be fair with your price, depending on the wear or how much you payed. It has to be according to what you are looking for too, it’s your clothes you are the boss!
  6. Be kind and thoughtful. Show your package some love and ship as soon as you can. Sell as if it were being sold to you, so make it worth their purchase.


On a happier note…

shopping is my therapy so a girl has to improvise to get her fix. So next time you want to buy something badly try getting rid of your old stuff first by selling….and walaaa you can use that money towards a new pair of shoes or purse. Just a tip from your fellow blogger 🙂

Check out my closet & feel free to ask me any questions if your new to selling !



Happy Shopping!


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  • Zayda Cortez

    Awe yay! We basically have the same mentality about shopping haha. Your blog is so cute! 🙂 and your legs look bomb w those shoes on. They really accentuate them. 💖

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