If there’s anything to look forward to, its fashion week! And where else other than New York for the perfect setting. The anticipation of what each designer will bring to the runway is exhilarating. This year designers went all out from textures to colors, breaking the rules in every aspect.

I’ve been keeping up with most shows and let me tell you I can’t say there’s not one I did not like. In my opinion the shows encourage us to try something out of the ordinary or to step out of our comfort zone, I mean obviously other than convince us to buy the product.What’s so intriguing about the shows is the dedication, passion, and not to mention the numerous late nights that took to come out with this masterpiece. A masterpiece that is made to tell us a story with fabric transformed uniquely by each artist, makes you really appreciate fashion. I love everything about it, from the music to the way the models strut down the runway.

I gathered up some of my favorites from this years NYFW…

enjoy !







 Street Style







Last year my fall wardrobe was a bit different, but this year my interests are going in a total different direction. This year styles from fashion week gave me so many new outfits ideas. Something about burnt colors are calling my name for example; such as mustards, olives, and burnt oranges. From mesh tops to velvet boots, they are all in my fall bucket list to buy 😉 I guess you can say it’s one of the main reasons I keep up with every years fashion shows, for the endless inspirations!

Texture, Texture, Texture!

Color me baby!!



Hope this makes you a little bit more happy for fall



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