A little red fact

Enter the wardrobe of Jackie… where everything is dark dark dark, nudes, greys , and blacks. Sorry not sorry I love me my dull colors. Im sort of a low key person. Nevertheless, I can never seem to say no to red! A red outfit or accessory gives me life when I find myself wearing it. Its been my color since I was in elementary. I made an appearance in a play for the Japanese heritage where the girls wore traditional Japanese kimonos. I remember a teacher told me “here’s a red kimono for you, it goes perfectly with your porcelain skin” It made me feel special to have the only red kimono and to know it was chosen specifically for me. Ever since I was sold! I mean as I grew older it has always been my go to color when I want to make my skin pop or I want to feel extra confidence specially on a special event.

My skin can be quite pale at times and I’ve learned to embrace it. I’ve heard the same comments from time to time “you’re so white complected” or “you need to get some sun”, “where are you from?… are you asian?” It’s so amusing but I love it I’m glad It can give some kind of mystery because of it. If I’m any sort of tan it happen on purpose LOL but I love my pale skin!

nothing my color red can’t fix!

Tell me you tricks or secrets to what you do to make your skin pop!

P.S I must brag this outfit was put together in five minutes! Time record! 🙂
XOXO Jacks

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