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Hey guys I wanted to show you a few beauty items that I must have or I’m currently obsessing about. I’m not a total high end beauty buyer, I’m more of a if I like the product I’ll buy it and I’ll wear it. I love to stick to things that do good for my skin mostly because I’m stubborn & I don’t want my skin to break out or have to feel like I wasted money on a product I didn’t  like. Things like face wash or foundation etc. I hardly change, other than that when it comes to makeup I’m more open minded.

Face products

These towelettes are everything to me! I hate standing there washing my face getting rid of stubborn makeup, so usually I try to wash most it off fast and then clean my face with one of these. I love it because it also removes my mascara and sometimes facewash hardly does the trick. I love taking these on trips, especially when Im out late and I come back later  I rather lay there and clean my face. Trust me these things are life savors (there is plenty of girls who fall asleep with their makeup because they’re tired). Btw I like the ones with fragance which is the original, they smell nice 🙂

Okay, so this little bottle is like having Advil in your medicine cabinet, its not used all the time but when you wake up with a new pimple take this bad boy out. I HATE PIMPLES, and although I get them every month (thanks to flo) I usually apply a little dab to the pimple at night and the next morning it has gone down or disappeared for the most part. No lie this works like magic.


Mascara is one thing I’m always down to change to see which one makes my eyelashes bigger. I have tiny lashes so I love to make them stand out and what better than a mascara that gives them volume. I recently purchased this mascara by Tarte “Tartiest”, it makes my lashes look like falsies and I don’t even have to apply multiple coats (that’s the best!)  I blame a Tarte event they held at Ulta for this purchase lol.

So there’s a tiny pet-peeve I have about eyebrows & that is not having hair going all directions and losing shape of my tiny eyebrows. Impulse buy but I’m not regretting it, I really did need my brows to stay in place and so far I love it.

P.S I love that it combs your eyebrows out to make them look natural and perfectly intact without taking off the color. If you decide you don’t want to fill them in it still makes them look nice.

I bought this items because I heard and read a lot of reviews stating how good it works. Well it does… my foundation and powder already do the trick but this baby puts the cherry on top making it last all day!

So I must confess Im obsessed with brown lippies, and I cant stop! I love these matte lippies from NYX Cosmetics. Top three on my list, and fyi I love how smooth these are and for the liquid ones …they dont peel! & the color is what you would expect.

From the top down: Teddy Lingerie liquid lipstick, Beauty Mark Lingerie liquid lipstick, & Duchess Matte Lipstick.

So this lippe is different from all my other lipsticks, its tint has a bit of dull lavender and mauve pink. Its the perfect semi nude lipstick & I get so many compliments…. I usually wear it on my natural look kind of days. The difference from all other nude lipsticks is that it doesnt make you look pale or washed out, for a person as white completed like me other nudes just dont cut it for me.

Lorac Pro Lipstick in Greige.

If you are anything like me and wear mostly nudes and browns on the eyes this palette is all you need. I love that it includes matte and shimmer tones so it completes the look, plus the colors are quite pigmented. I love smokey eyes, it practically goes with any ocassion dressed up or down to my opinion. The palette its small and fits into any of my urse which is a plus because Im always carrying makeup around (not always sure why lol) anywho you should really try it out if you havent already.

Last but not least 

Boom! Love this perfume ! Its going to be hard to switch to any other perfume anytime soon 🙌🏼 soooo meanwhile this is heaven in a bottle ! Next time your at the store check it !!!


Feel free go ask me any questions on these products! & share your favorites with me I love trying new things.


Until next times babes

Infinite XOXO’s


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