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Hi my loves I’m really excited for this blog post just because I had the most fun experiencing it. So many of you  have probably already  been to Austin but this was my first time in a very long time since I was little that I went back, and that doesn’t really count because I really didn’t do anything other than visit my cousins. Anyways I wanted to give you MY tour of Austin because I know although you may have been, we don’t all experience or hit the same spots. I love to try new places besides what my friends have recommended, I always manage to do my own research or going to my good friend Yelp! (yeah that’s my best friend). I have listed down all the places below so you can maybe give them a try if you have not already.

As far as my getaway  went, it could not had been more perfect. I feel like I did a lot in just three days, it was well planned, affordable, and much needed. I left off on a Saturday and came back on Monday which I think those days are perfect to visit Austin, just so you could do a little bit of everything since weekends have a bit more to do. If you include Friday even better! I thought it was crazy to leave so freakishly early but let me tell you, I left the house at five arrive two hours later just in time to enjoy a full day of activities.

One thing I will tell you, I actually fell in love with Austin’s atmosphere. The weather was amazing the whole time and the people were nothing but sweet! No negative vibes here!! I had the best experience and no offense to Houston but I was already having thoughts about moving to Austin, the people are very polite and inviting lol.

So here you gooooo, Enjoy!

Places to eat…

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill-

If you are looking for delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner this is your place! Oh yes BRUNCH! everything looks & taste so good. I would prob have to say try their brunch first 🙂 I love this place look, its so rustic yet fancy…does that make sense? It’s adorable and quite homey kind of makes you feel like you are in one of those hole in a wall joints in New York.

Snooze A.M Eatery-

So I wanted to try this place so bad because I yelped BRUNCH, and this was one of the main places that popped up for its high ratings. Sunday is crazy busy, so busy we had to go back Monday and I was just expecting plain breakfast….BUT wait nooo they have brunch everyday and it perfect now I see what the hype is about, bfast was perf !!! I’m a sucker for mimosas and these were delish made with fresh squeeze oranges. It gets better, apparently they have one here in Houston that I did not know of! So I guess the good news is if you don’t go to Austin and try just go down to Montrose 🙂 The place is too cute, it reminds me of a 60-70’s kind of scenery.


Oh Irene’s ! this little eatery/bar was the highlight of everything I ate. It was midnight and I still hadn’t had any dinner, so lets just say I was starving and everything was closed…DUH it was Sunday at midnight. I quickly yelped food near by, and waalaaa IRENE’S. I’m not exaggerating when I say the food was delicious plus drinks. I would def recommend the chix and avocado sandwich, it includes other ingredients that make the sandwich mouth watering. So if you are in Austin and want good food after hours this is your place, they close at 2am!

p.s the interior and exterior its too cute! It’s so me.

Bars & more…



The Ranch-

I ended up staying here the rest of the night on a Saturday, it was pretty live and the music was great. The vive was pretty good as well so it makes you want to stay, on of the best rooftop bars on 6th, and this one has two rooftops!


Green light Social-

Greenlight Social on a Sunday night was just perfect for a chill night! But this place has good music, drink and customer service! The bar is rooftop, so the view you get its nice not to mention the old school decor is nice….I would def go back


Yard & Parlor-

This place had good music, a lot of good oldies just what I like! atmosphere inside is nice, very cozy interior.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAparlor-yard-bar-dunlap-atx-west-sixth-february-2016-game-room_092626

(…..Rainey Street)
The Container Bar-

No Va Kitchen & Bar-


Things to do…

Mt. Bonnell-

Mt. Bonnell was a last min idea, and a very good one at most. Its a hike up to what its consider this highest point in Austin. It is so peaceful, and prob a really good reason to move to Austin LOL! You can do a lot in this place like hike, have a picnic, meditate, and #1 thing people tend to do here is workout. There is a stair trail that leads all the way to the top joggers go up and down multiple times, good leg and butt workout!!


Lake Travis(Lakeway Marina)-

A must do when you go to Austin is Lake Travis! We decided to do jet skiing, turned out to be a little more, they have tons of boats you can choose from such as, paddle boats, jet ski’s, party boats and more. It’s affordable, and a very relaxing experience almost makes you feel luxurious. I will leave the info below in case you are interest in checking it out.

Lake Travis is a huge lake, there is many things you can other than be in the water, such as hike, camp, fish etc. I love the outdoors so any of the above sounds like a good idea.

Hope Outdoor Gallery-

This place is pretty cool because you really get a complete look of Austin, oh yes and the art. I think what makes this place interesting is the space it was given to all local street artist to come and share their work, along with the many tourist who come and leave their mark. No rules, I think that’s pretty badass….BTW if you decide to pay a visit I recommend tennis shoes that have grip on the bottom, I almost died here not to mention almost got left stranded because I almost gave up going back down. LOL


W 6th Street


Rainey Street-

Loved Rainey St, I think I could hang out here all day, everyday ha! It has everything I need, food, alcohol & entertainment. BTW there’s a few food trucks, and we all know food truck food is the best food.



Barton Greenbelt-

Barton Greenbelt is HUGE! there’s so much you can do and there is many areas that you can visit, each beautiful in its own way.

 The Winding Trailbarton-creek-greenbelt-east-51c1dba47f3d77543b00110a

Where to stay…

The Omni at Southpark-

So its obvious you can stay any where in Austin and still be close to everything. The reason why I would recommend The Omni is because we got a very good deal on Expedia and I trust Omni’s to be clean and comfortable. The #1 plus about this hotel is that is located along side all main freeways, sounds weird but its perfect. It’s peaceful, the parking is easy to find, the staff is courteous, there wasn’t a thing I can complain about. Anytime we had to leave to go somewhere we easily hit the freeway or were so close to our destination, its located exactly 8mins of Downtown, 6th St and more.

Sooo….There’s so much you can do in Austin. These were just some places I visit on my trip, hope it makes you want to go ! I’m sure there is so much more I didn’t get the experience, BUT if you do know of some really goof places or activities please share with me!! I love exploring and trying to new places!

_Lakeway Marina_


Until next time…

Infinite XOXO’s Jackie

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