New Year, New things…

Hey babes! first and for most HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I hope everyone enjoyed their time and popped plenty of champagne!!


I have to say the past year was more than what I would ever expected. It was everything from new experiences, rocky times, and overall amazing… nothing more I could had asked for. We live and learn from everything that’s thrown our way and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!

2016 in a nutshell…

2016 was  great, one and first thing that I can always be thankful for is to have God stick by my side through everything. I’m so grateful for the past year was able to meet so many new people, people I consider great friends. I have been an antisocial person for a long time now and I’m glad I was able to open up more to new friendships. Its hard to find honest good friends  and I have met the best ones! It’s harder to put trust into a girl-girl friendship for me but I think I’ve changed my mind on that. Having guys as the closest friends for most of my life its a huge change for me (turns out guys can backstab you just the same, so I’m not putting labels anymore). I value my friendships dearly! …even the people along the way between work and friends from friends, everyone places a comforting place in my life. I believe everyone is placed there for a reason, whether they leave or stay to make more memories. Soooo I was waiting for this for the longest and…finaly I got a new job 🙂 After being with a company for 3 years I finally was able to find myself with a company that is suited just for me. The hours are great, I have so much time for myself and loved ones, but most importantly it gives me the chance to focus on school fully. You don’t know how hard it is to find a good job whitin the same field until your in the need of one. Nevertheless I have had the chance to visit new places troughout the year. I visited a few places in the past but this past year I was able to explore the beautiful sunny LA, California. I could move to Cali if given the chance!, the weather was amazing and it was an overall fresh experience. Austin treated me well, along with many other places I visited all included wihin my blog. I ‘ll be sure to continue going places and making new memories so I’ll have more to share with you guys!

I learned so much in the past year. At the given moment I might of cried, got mad, or overreacted but after the storm has passed I look back to realize I needed to go through all of it to learn a life lesson. I grew up to be a tough cookie, and was raised to always protect myself. Because of what I experienced and been through I grew to shut people off or avoid getting them get too close, and in times speak up when I didn’t like something. Where I’m trying to get is that it shouldn’t always be that case. I have realized not everything needs a negative answer on the contrary we need more kindness in this world. I’ve learned to open up more and be more expressive, which is even more for me to even have to say it out loud. Most importantly I feel the past year I matured a lot (and not that I wasn’t already). There is always something to learn and things become more serious especially when you are older so you always have to keep in mind that you are an adult with many responsibilities and have to focus on putting your priorities in order above everything else. A lot of things came to me pretty slowly throughout the year, but now that I’m writing this on the first day of 2017. I’m thankful things worked the way they did right before the year ended.

Expectations and Resolutions…

I’m so excited to start yet another chapter in my life. It really isn’t about just because I’m excited about all the events that the comes with the year but because I get closer to accomplishing every dream goal I have planned. It’s going to be a busy year starting with school, I finally got the chance to continue my nursing classes so I’m pretty excited to actually attend school in person! Its been 8 years since I stepped foot  in a classroom, (sorry if I sound lame but to me its pretty awesome). Online classes are just not as fun and unfortunately you cant take all your courses from home. Another thing that has me pretty happy this year is moving arrangements! I’m finally decided to leave the nest. I wont give to many details about it right now but I will say once I’m settled I’ll be doing more blog posts of the home bec well…I’m obsessed with interior design! Anywho talking about leaving the nest, I have so many trips planned for 2017. I’m sure this year will be filled with new adventures and experiences, and I cant wait to blog about it all!

With that said what are my “New Year Resolutions” ?

1.Be nicer! 🙂 (sorry I can be pretty bitchy)

2. Meet new people/friends ….(and no I don’t mean on tinder lol)

3. Explore more places in and out of town.

4. Focus more on my blog and get more involved in the fashion industry by all means.

5. Include new styles into my wardrobe (I can already feel this shall be coming true) !!

These are my small resolutions, I didn’t want to include big life goals because those are not an option for me they are a must and I know I will follow through with them. But I will deff love to hear what your new year resolutions…soooo pleaseeee comment below and let me know what they are and what you think about mines, whether you can relate or are in the same page.

…..Best advice given to me the past year

“shave with baby oil” (best advice everrrr!!)

“Continue your education, it may be hard now but later you will be so glad of your accomplishments”

“Always smile, that smile made my day you know”

“There is no excuse keeping you from taking a new adventure”

Well guys lets make this a great year!

Good luck and..

Infinite XOXO’s



One thought on “New Year, New things…

  1. This is my favorite post yet! And I loooove the ending. 1 and 2 had me LOL and I love that you said that accomplishing your big goals isn’t an option. Also, it’s so unique if you to include the best advice of the year. I had not seen anyone do this. Love love love! Wishing you love and happiness!


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