Spring Obsessions

Hey Babes !!

How’s everyones week been? I know I know school just started, everyone is trying to get themselves adjusted to a whole new schedule all over again but the weekend is upon us once again so it gives us a little breather to de-stress. I just started classes and I already feel the anxiety coming. Nevertheless I’m excited, school makes me feel part of the crew if that makes any sense….mmm no?I’m weird I know lol.

Any who…..I’m so excited about this post because well you just need to see what I been currently obsessing over!! There’s a few things that I been using (or should I say overusing!) that I thought would be some of the perfect fashionable statements for this spring, that and other products that  I think would def benefit you! I gathered up some of my favorite clothing pieces, make-up, and products that just make me so happy inside 🙂

I never been the kind of person to have a certain look (maybe a resting bitch face ha! joking!) I’ll try right about anything all depending on my mood, if it looks and feels good I’m wearing it. Normal was never my style.

One of my favorite things for this upcoming spring, are jackets. Trenches, silk, bombers, or oversized denim jackets…anything that completes and gives my outfit life. Now one thing I am, is a dress king of girl…so its no surprise I’ll go for one over any other piece. But lately slip dresses are taking over my closet. I love anything little and sexy I can dress up or down, and trust me they turns heads. Here’s a few favorite other goods…

Statement pieces are a must for me.

So when it comes to doing my makeup I have always tend to go towards my natural look, smoky eyes, mauve/brown lips and rosy cheeks. Buuuuuut I been feeling adventurous and have been trying different colors from my eyes to my lips, super shimmery eyes, metallics, and lots of glow. I don’t even care I just go wild like experimenting different looks. I love the whole dewy look on my face, it kinda gives me life specially now that sunny days are upon us. It reminds me of the 90’s when pink and purple eyeshadow were the shit, and color eyeliner was a must! Well I’m bringing that back! and I noticed its a comeback, & pink and purple never looked any better.

Here & there…

One of my favorite impulse buys is stationary & travel coffee mugs at the moment. I swear I want every cute notebook I see and fancy little gadgets for my desk. If you are like me little things like this just make me feel complete!…yes? no? …ok maybe its just me lol. Not to mention but when it comes to keeping stuff organized for school and binge drinking coffee for late nights, why not do it in style.

Product you must try…

I wish I had more products to recommend but I didnt want to leave out this little gem. I think this is the best thing that has happen to me since like ever! It works miracles and it smells amazing! Gets that oily hair to smooth silky hair in an instant…you know on those lazy days (you girls know what I’m talking about)….Try it out, you wont regret it!!


I hope to have make you want to try something different or at least give you some inspo. Whether you may think youcan’t  pull them off or its not your style, the only thing I can say is…be adventurous ! Make it your way and have fun.

Infinite XOXO’s 


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