Bye January… out with the old, in with the new



Hi loves…

Hope your day is going well!


January is over and people are still working on their new years resolutions or maybe not…time is going by so fast and the year just started. It’s almost scary actually. I usually just like to take the beginning of the year not to work on “resolutions” that will fade in weeks, but to work on myself and start fresh in every aspect of my life somewhat like a cleanse. Nothing wrong with that I say…!

Throughout the years I have learned to get rid things that just build clutter to my life. Maybe its my OCD but keeping things around that I didn’t need always bothered me. To get what I’m trying to say is that to me it works the same when it comes to people, as bad as it sounds there’s times letting go of people its the best thing I’ve done. Some people just bring unnecessary negativity to your life which is just toxic, the problem is some of us take a while to realize it.

Your Social-Antisocial…

I always saw the positive side of things, always been a person who believes in second chances even maybe thirds (although that’s just pushing it for me) but there comes a time when your limit is tested. I am what you call your sociable anti-social kinda gal. If your confuse as to how that works, well I’m easy to get along with, I easily make new friends with anyone and everyone (if you don’t get along with me something is very wrong with you lol, and if you don’t like me for no apparent reason thank you for keeping up with my blog and me, carry on! hugs*) but I rather be alone and I keep no posse. Don’t get me wrong if you have very close friends who keep it real…you are blessed!, to have people you can count on is everything. As to be clear this is a perspective view in general relationships, being a loner doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have other close people such family or a boy/girlfriend, its a view on any type of relationship whether you have one and not the other.

As I was saying…

My mom did always tell me “mejor sola que mal acompañada” (better alone than be with bad company), those words are quite accurate. I’m sure a lot of you can relate with bad relationships but everyone has their own story as to why the solo lifestyle fits better. In my case I’ve gone through and grew out of a lot to say being a loner is not such a bad thing, its actually pretty bittersweet.


I don’t encourage to be anti-social but if your story is anything like mines or you find yourself feeling bad from time to time because you feel you have no one such as what people say “best friends” or boy/girlfriend blah blah, DON’T! I think about the good things I’ve outcome without some people, and not to be a total asshole but its a good feeling when you notice your doing much better than the people you left behind who didn’t appreciate you then. For example, I’ve had a best friend date the same guy I was dating, bad mouthed me to so many people that has touched so close to home etc.(too much, and too boring), a person who I dearly thought of my own keen. Another friend who for a long time I’ve shared everything with just to expose me with all the wrong facts. People will do you very wrong and its sad to say the closest people could do that to you even after you stayed honest, but nevertheless everything happens for a reason. What’s their deal? who knows maybe the reason is for them to feel better about themselves or because they are guilty of the doing in which case they start to pin point it at you and make put you down for it. Things like that is what makes me the person who I am, people can say anything about me now, say I’m superficial or rigid for not letting people in, but it takes a lot to go through it all and not let it break you.

Truth is shit happens whether is a friendship or an intimate relationship, don’t let shitty people hold you back just keep doin you and stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid of letting people who constantly bring you down or don’t cherish your relationship go. Little fights happen here an there so don’t go dropping someone for something stupid now lol, but know your WORTH! Hey maybe you been through worse you broke free from the toxic and realized how much better you’re feeling or doing, I’m happy for you! Even if it takes time,  forgive that person and move on, you don’t necessarily need to keep them around as long as you feel good with yourself.

I hope I let you in a little into my life to share my views and to let you know where I come from. If I ever made you feel turned down this could be why, or in any case don’t misread anything because you can always find a sincere friend in me 🙂

P.S Being a loner is not such a bad thing… Getting rid of the clutter in your life isn’t either.

Now your worth

Be happy

& Be you



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