Valentines Special 

Hello loves !!

Happy Early Valentines ♥

Whether you’re celebrating it with your other half, making it a girls night out, or throwing an anti-valentines party why not do so looking cute !! I myself always find an excuse to dress up!  let me eleborate…

Dressing up for Valentines doesnt have to be boring or so cliche, I feel its all about dressing up to match your personality yet still look quite fab! …of course all depends where you are going…

Sooooo I figured why not give you a few cute outfit ideas to make it just a bit easier for you. Not to mention this gal knows how do a date night right so hellooo 

♥ ♥ ♥

Down for whatever…

(I wore this outfit pre Valentine weekend with a jean jacket on top and strappy metallic heeled sandals to give it a girly yet casual look. Its kind of hard to put me in tennis shoes, but if you’re on for an adventure, some sneakers are never a bad idea.)

heart blocking happy hour…

(I like this simple but color popping outfit just because its not over doing it. It may be simple but it catches peoples eyes, and its so V-day wear.)

Girls night, flirt night…

(When wearing jeans on a date or a night out I would always suggest heels, heels, heels….no everyone is a dress or skirt kinda gal. Tip: accessories at its minimal, remember less is more)

Playing hard to get…

(This outfit is all about going nude, with clothes on of course… but whats sexier than a nude outfit to leave peoples imaginations go wild. Any slip dress would do, and a pair of very simple strappys.) 

Date night…

(This one is my favorite, your date would never forget you in a little number like this one. I would suggest diamonds …. I call this my go-to intimate date dress.)

Going all the way…

This outfit its for my gals who love to look glamorous and more than a fur coat.. I went a nude look just because you add just about any color popping heels or accessories 
 what would I be wearing? That’s a surprise!!

♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you all have a lovely day, or if you are celebrating over the weekend I hope this helped. Honestly all these pieces I already owned, you don’t have to spend money pull out a cute little outfit. 

Have fun

Be happy

Love deeply

“love me today, yesterday – what tearful longings for you….. my life, my all – farewell. Oh continue to love me, never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved” -Beethoven

XOXO Jackie


    • xoxojack

      I will soon Love ❤️… I have a few posts saves as drafts but I been so busy with school it drains me sometimes… thanks for the love!! I love seeing your posts though so much inspo and admiration!!!

      • Zayda Cortez

        I totally get it! It can be beyond exhausting! Proud of you though! Keep doing you and kicking ass! Independent women stand up hehe! I’ll be here when you are ready!

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