A Quarter-Century 

Hey Loves! 

How was spring break? How has this beautiful season of spring been treating you all? 🌼🌺🌸☘️ For those of you in school I hope you caught a nice little break, because I know I did! The first months of the year are always the best for me because there is so much going on and the weather is amazing. Apart from that, April is just around the corner… and by that I mean, the day I was born! **angels singing** lol so with that said….

guess what’s coming up…. mmm? Its my Birthday of course! Anyways if you may not know already I love birthdays, I’m the kind of person who celebrates her b-day the whole month of April, …yea I’m that person. Along with many other things you may not know about me, and given the fact my day is coming up exactly a week from today I wrote 25 facts about me just right before I turn 26. 



(There is so many wrong things about these pictures but what a better way to show whos the funny and boss around here lol)

Like I say every year I’m thankful to God of every day I’m given to be able to see another day. To be 26, grown up a respectful-successful woman, I feel proud to be where I am at. I may not be where I exactly plan to be in life, but I’m working everyday on it. I’ve gone through hell and back but I’m still standing and going further, and while it may not be easy being a young grown up in this world I think I can say I’ve done a pretty damn good job.


1. I have no middle name, & Im the middle child. (In other words Im the different one, the rebel, the loud one 🙂 ahem *the fun one)

2. I can be very OCD with my closet, everything must be color coordinated ! …or anybody’s really, just finished color coordinating my bfs closet😳

3. Most people can never guess where Im from/background speaking, I usually get philipino ….hmm its the eyes. But no, I was born and raised in Houston with Honduran parents who are technically more americanized than most. 

4. I dont know how to ride a bike and I would really want to learn…. mmm maybe swimming too…. list to-do before I die* lol

5. My ultimate favorite thing to do is lay back, watch movies and drink wine (guilty pleasures…. online shopping, watching drama tv-shows)

6. I think Ive watched Harry Potter billions of times and never get tired of it 😏

7. I plan to work in oncology in the near future. 

8. Im quite dyslexic with numbers. 

9. I am very outspoken. Which has got me in trouble a few times… but has shown people that I stand my ground.! 

10. One thing that always gravitates people to me is my energy …Im just always smiling or laughing. Life is too short to be frowning. 

11. I value people who work hard for what they have… the hard way. 

12. Im obssesed with interior decor 

13. The gym is everything to me. Ive lost about 25 pounds in the past three years 10 only in the last year, not to mention it has boost up my self confidence and made me a much healthier person. Big stress reliever, it has got me through a lot.

14. Im completely and utterly passionate about fashion 

15. I always have to listen to music while getting ready… always, might be the reason why I can never be puntual. …and talking music, I can never remember lyrics to any song. 

16. I freaking loooove coffee!! I take it twice a day if needed, especially with work and school… and my favorite cups go according to my mood; Which are a dark roast with hazelnut and soy milk, a Soy latte with splenda, or a soy marble mocha frap no whip…. basically bitchy/tired/and okay

17. One time in Elementary , we had a Christmas gift exchange in my 5th grade class.. I wanted to participate just so I could get a present, but when it came to buying a present I never told my parents. I never told them because I knew they were going to say something like “para que te firmastes, quien te va comprar el regalo ni que tuvieramos dinero” (why did you sign up, whos going to buy you the present now, we dont even have that kind of money)….lol ….needeless to say I wrapepd a toy I had at home and took it to school. I remember I got a pretty cool present and I never gave mines bec well it was pretty lame lol…i dont think he ever noticed 😳🤔 

P.s yes I lived life on the dangerous side😎 

18. I love and believe in God. 

19. Babe thinks I talk to much. 

20. I have a tiny fascination of collecting cute coffee mugs…. I want my mug to reflect the kind of person I am lol

21. I love blogging, it gives me happiness! Especially when people love and get inspired by my feed.

22. Ive grown up to earn everything I own by my own hand since I was 17, **All my Independent woman stand up

23. My biggest motivation is primarily myself, I feel I deserve the best and want to and will do anything to put myself on top. My family and Boyfriend are a big part of it as well. One of the main reasons I do what I do is to inspire many young woman to be themselves and motivate them to pull through and be something in life and not settle for less. 

24. My favorite fashion influencer is @sazanhendrix, she wears everything effortlessly beautiful and can rock any style. I also been following @karissamariie since forever, I love her blog. She has the most unique style but also the sweetest genuine soul, and although she is younger than me she inspires me to keep being different and daring. 

25. (OKAY YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS, BUT…) Im Jackelyne and I am @peaceloveandjack 🙂 I hope you enjoyed!! 

Until next time!!

XOXO Jacks

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