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Hey Babes!

I can’t think of a better subject that I’m absolute good at talking about than when it comes to shopping…. I am your fashion guru, your how to shop manual, the answer to your wardrobe questions!

I mean I only find it necessary to talk about this subject because I feel a lot people, mainly girls ask me occasionally for my fashion advice, ask “where did you get this or that?”, “what do I wear?”, and “how I do I wear it?”

There is two things we always want ,and that’s splurging without a limit and finding exactly what we are looking for

Want my technique?

Here is some of my personal tips on getting what I want…

1. One way of owning exactly what I’m looking for, its shopping online! And oh man it can be nerve wrecking I know! Like what if it doesn’t fit or do I trust this website?? Look, I simply wing it, because when I want something different from what people are wearing or I just want exactly what I’m looking for I just got online. I only go for websites that actually have stores or its been recommended by friends/bloggers that way I know its legit. Learn your size, measure yourself, learn their return policy, and read reviews! One of the main things I do is, if I do run into a clothing or shoe that doesn’t fit right… if bought online and the store is not local I sell it, simple as that…. or if its from a local store I go and return it, either way at the end I get my money worth 🙂

2. When I go to a store keep in mind I don’t really always find what I’m looking for. SHOP SMART! If I’m going in for a specific thing I try to stick to that, don’t buy things just to buy that doesn’t end well, that’s just tacky! 90% of the time you hardly wear that piece. The smartest girl is the prettiest girl.

3. Trust your gut!! Don’t rely on peoples opinion so much…. when you really love an item and someone tells you eh that’s weird or naa…. girl please! Try that shit on and if you feel like you can pull it off 100% or it was just made for you go for it ! Try something you never tried before …BE DIFFERENT. Trust me when I say this but most of the items I’ve tried and bought people will give me the red light at first… but when I’m out wearing I get so many compliments and those same people end up  really liking it…I mean like do you know who I am? Lol

I always go for weird things at the stores and believe when I say I will try them out! You never know. That weird shirt you see on the rack that’s see through, its cut off different, or people joke that’s something your grandma will wear … yea that’s that piece I go for.

4. Coupons!!

5. SALES !! I think that’s my favorite word… I think that’s a lot of people’s word actually! I’m a sucker for sales omg! Another thing about it, its buying the better deal items… I mean I can find a shirt in Nordstrom and find the exam same style at Zara for less, like seriously be smart about it. People say “you get what you pay for” but like I said …be smart, that’s not always the case.

6. Inspiration! One thing I like to do is shop with a look in mind, whether is seasonal, special occasion, or just want to try something out… I like to go through social media or magazines and get ideas, and once I’m at the store I can get a similar outfit but make it my way. Change the colors, patterns, add or take something to it. It makes it a bit easier to shop sometimes, and a look doesn’t have to be the spitting image of what you saw online or magazine, or else you’ll drive yourself crazy looking for it.

Most importantly have fun shopping, after all like I say shopping is the best therapy!

Where do I shop?


Urban Outfitters


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Buy my outfit…

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Also in case you are wondering how my hair just so magically happen to grow this so fast…. it didn’t 😏

Thanks to my girl @makeup_byyeraldi, makeup and hair stylist! Gave life to my hair by cutting/dying and styling it with these 22inch extensions. Stay tuned for my extensions  review!

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