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Hey loves

How is everyone doing ?! April is just so beautiful to me, not only because its my birthday month but because I’m obsessed with spring… it brings in so many new things and the season right now feels nice.

I had a great bday, I could had not asked for better people to spend it with. Other than birthday festivities, this past month has been great, I been feeling great, and focusing on getting things done. I feel like there some things/dreams I want to do and its about time I stop finding an excuse to delay them with. I also like to have positive people around, people who will motivate me to do what I love, who have encouraging words to say, and who think like me and understand my passion…. because true be told I have little tolerance for negative people. I think maybe that’s why I been getting a lot done lately and I’m loving it.

With that said I been out exploring, finding new things to do, new places to eat all in my sweet city of Houston! I don’t care what people have to say but we are big in the restaurant business and let me tell you there is some really good places to eat here…and me being the foodie that I am its a guilty pleasure trying a new eatery. Houston is just so interesting, there is so much culture whether its on the buildings or the art on the walls, not to mention Houston is very diverse so you can totally feel the different vibes.

This past weekend was perfect, me and my friend decided to go down to Montrose for brunch and take a stroll down the streets. The weather was just right so its only right to enjoy the day out. We started in Common Bond Café and walked all along Westheimer Rd to check out all the little shops and ended up in Galleria for happy hour ! 

We payed a litte visit to some thrift stores on Montrose and there was so much cute stuff! I didnt go all out but I did snag me a badass vintage jean jacket (will soon do a blog post just for it because its just that perfect!) From where? The Fabulous Leopard Lounge Houston… oh and they just redid their outside wall to a leopard print Vegas style theme! Its perf!! You should def check it out bec i know I’ll be going back!

P.S I visited American Apparel one last time before they close so sad 😭 but I got a really cute skirt! Yall should go splurge before they close it for good! 


~Common Bond Café ~


Palazzo pants fever…

So one thing I love is trying new styles….and my current obsession are these palazzo/flare pants that are really in style right now. I wasn’t sure if they were going to look so great on me, because I’m pretty short and usually long pants or skirts/dresses hide my legs and just makes me look shorter than I am…buuuuut I was like eh let me just try them on and BAM! they fit perfect! especially because these pants have high slits on the side which make me look so much sexier! So here I am enjoying my day in my new fave pants ha!

(Shirt: Zara,Pants:F21,,Glasses:Fossil)img_4382img_4509img_4503img_4409

Self Confidence…

Lately I been working really hard to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. It has made me feel so good, I been feeling lighter, and I love how clothes have been fitting me. Right now my weight goal is 115, I am trying to gain some muscle on my legs so I know lighter would just be crazy but I’m definitely seeing results! I love that the closest people to me care a lot about fitness and eating good…. if you cant be good influence get out of my way!


happy hour….!!

Some favorites eat finds in Houston

Boheme (American-Bar/Small plates)
Common Bond Café (American-Café/Bakery)
Barnaby’s Café (American)
Benjy’s (American-Lounge/Wine Bar)
Snooze (American-Breakfast/Brunch)
Uchi (Japanese-Sushi)
Ambrosia (Asian Fusion-Tapas/small plates)
Local Foods (American-Sandwiches/salads)
Dish Society (American)
The breakfast Klub (Southern breakfast & Brunch)
Gusto Gourmet (Venezuelan

Try them out !!…BTW, Yelp is my best friend and it never disappoints me! If you go try a very good eatery and have Yelp leave a good review or just let me know below on the comments!! My most favorite places are the very urban/hipster scene type of joints but any would have to do! I like any type of food and I’m open to try anything new.

Until Next Adventure!




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