Fitness Pep-talk

Hey there babes!

…with Summer around the corner why not talk fitness!

I know many of you are already working on that bikini body, or maybe you are starting out…well let’s get you motivated!! Because lets face it, motivation is the first and #1 thing everyone needs…. and if no one is going to give you that extra boost, I will!!

(Disclaimer) I am not an expert or nutritionist/trainer, these are just my personal tips and ideas from personal experience to motivate and help you along your journey.

Self-Motivation through personal experience

So one of the reasons I feel the need to talk about this topic is because I feel people can relate to my past/current journey. When you have gone through a difficult obstacle and overcamed it, it makes you feel like a badass and you just want to share it with everyone and encourage others they can as well.

I haven’t always been the size I am now, like I said in previous posts when I was younger I always struggled keeping a consistent weight. It wasn’t until like 2012-2013 when I was at my heaviest at 145, that’s a lot for a non active 5’1ft gal. I use to always maintain my weight and never considered myself to be “overweight”, but I started noticing the weight wasn’t coming off as easy anymore and clothes just wasn’t looking cute… that’s when I thought to myself ‘oh no home girl, this shit needs to change!’. I never really worked out in my life so getting into a gym was pretty new to me, or just having a workout routine period but before I could rethink it….. I joined the gym(peer pressure) lol. 

The working out process started off slow, not to mention the discipline wasn’t all there. Although I went on and off from the gym, I started to notice little changes here and there. I started to have more energy, feel lighter, stronger, and healthier… and that was it for me, I was hungry for more! I was like “Hell yeah, I think I like this!”. If I didn’t go to the gym or hadn’t workout in more than two days, it felt as if something was missing like there was something I had to do. 

What motivated me the most was how clothes started to fit. The fact that I’m already a retail shopaholic just made it a tiny bit more exciting, it just meant the more I worked out and got into better shape the more of an excuse I had to go buy new wardrobe that fit me better or that I never dare to wear before….That’s my MOTIVATION. There is one thing I always say, ‘There is nothing a good ass outfit cant fix”

Ever since, I’ve never stop pushing myself to workout. Yes there is times I feel like just staying home and sleep or be lazy, but I remember how far I’ve come and how I don want to go back…so I get up.


Here’s a few tips to get you motivated

1. Make a badass playlist.. a list of songs that make you feel sexy, that make you want to get up and dance… it might be the songs you listen to right before a night out while getting ready(guilty)

2. Try to amp up your gym wardrobe. It doesn’t even have to be expensive just sexy if anything. I love me a cute workout matching set that hugs my curves, it makes me feel sexy and it actually makes me feel like working out for that reason (that’s one great motivation)


3. Have a fitness influencer, someone who makes you want that body, who motivates you to do something for yourself. Social media is very big, and there’s tons of fitness enthusiasts on there…. I myself follow a few fitness junkies such as @michelle_lewin, @megan_renee316(she’s from tx), @stef_fit_, @camilaguper & a few others.

4. Join a fitness class. Sometimes some people do better in a group, there is so many of y’all motivating each other and experiencing the same thing it reminds you that you are not alone!… I do cycling every Wednesday, and I love it ! 

5. Get out of the house and participate in a sport or activity, a lot of those things require excersise or some are already a workout as it is.

6. My personal favorite. Go shopping, it motivates me in a way that if I find certain clothes that I wish to wear but just doesnt fit well… I plan to leave it/or maybe buy it and make it a goal to fit into to it and that just means I have to hit the gym extra hard because there is something reminding me that I can do better.

7. If your circle of family and friends like to workout join them. It is always good to have people who influence you in doing something good… p.s I wouldnt make it a habit on hanging out with someone who all they do is eat junk or doesn’t care about being fit nor healthy.

Things to remember 

  • If you struggle at first, dont panic, dont give up. Just remember we all started from the same place and went through that tough obstacle of getting where we want to be. Don’t be ashamed if you gave up once or twice just get back up.
  • If working out with a partner, it makes everything much more fun but dont let them bring you down with them when they dont feel like getting up to work out when you are wanting to so bad… just be like “✌🏻” lol no seriously get up and tell em “okay buddy well idk about you but Im going to go workout etc. …catch you later?” …maybe they will give in and go with you, but as long as you do what you want to do is all that matters. You will thank yourself later.
  • Is not always about losing weight or image per say. Some people just want to be healthy or improve their stamina…I currently stop weighting myself, and started worrying about getting toned and being healthy. Because of all the strength exercises, I have gained a lot of muscle and now I weight about almost 5 pounds more than what I was(muscle weights more than fat). Im okay with that and how my body is turning out, because its all about how I feel at the end of the day)…ahem and how that booty looks lol)
  • Don’t compare yourself so much to others, everyones body is different and works differently so dont let it bring you down if its not working out as fast or you seem to be struggling. Trust me it will pay off!
  • Create your motivation….and remember to have fun!


I hope I was able to motivate you for at least a bit today 🙂

P.S You can do whatever you set your mind to!

Tell me what’s  your motivation? Comment below!




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