Facial cleanse routine 

Hey there loves!!! 

I wanted to show you a few products I currently use before bedtime. Most importantly these products are super affordable, local store finds, and simple to use specially if you so happen to be low maintenance like me in this department 🙂 

As we grow older our skin changes, some products don’t work as they use to, skin can become more sensitive  …or whatever the case may be we all have certain products that work well with our skin. 

My skin to be exact is pretty sensitive, it has definitely changed from two years ago. Soooo currently I had to find something that will help with my heat/stress bumps, and prevent from pimples popping up when my monthly friend comes. I don’t have issues with acne but lately I’ve been getting these tiny bumps, sort of like white heads… I hate it ! So I don’t know what I could be allergic to or the reason for them, but I’m yet to find out.

A lot of people tell me I have very nice skin, which I greatly appreciate it but it’s far from perfect and I struggle with keeping it smooth and clear like many others. I think these products work well with several skin types, after positive results to people I have recommended them to as others done with me… and as of lately they have done their job at taming my skin. 



1. I first wash my face with Netrougena oil-free acne wash… I love this because it contains the micro beads which exfoliates my skin and takes all dirt out of my pores. My skin feels so clean after specially since I’m out all day from work to gym, my face can get pretty dirty. …BTW It takes of my makeup at one try, and that’s a plus for me! 

P.s sorry my face-wash is almost gone

2. Wipe any excess dirt off my face with the neutrogena cleansing towelettes-makeup remover. I also use these on trips and lazy days just because it cleans almost as much as washing your face. 


3. New*** Apple cider vinegar(with mother). I started doing this recently and I can tell you it has worked pretty well, in the way it closes my pores preventing dirt from getting in and locking out new breakouts. How I use it? I poured half apple cider vinegar and half water into a small container (as shown in a picture above) to dilute it a bit and mask the smell. Just make sure you get some of the concentrated powder “mother” in the container, that’s the good stuff! I apply it with a q-tip or cotton ball lightly on my face. Let it dry off, you will feel it working….let a minute or two pass and rinse off. 

4. Moisturizer! So I been using this one from Garnier, its oil-free with spf 15. Sometimes I forget to apply my moisturizer but I really like this one because its smells great, leaves my skin smooth, it’s breathable, and it doesn’t leave your face sticky. After applying the apple cider vinegar I have to apply the moisturizer because I hate the smell of vinegar so it’s  perfect to mask it completely. I got this sample size from an online order, usually I just toss them to the side but I’m glad I tried it, and although it’s a small bottle just a dab of it will do plenty. 

5. My Clean & Clear persa gel is magic! I dab just a tiny bit of cream on any pimples I have or are in the verge of coming out by bed time and by the next day I wash it off, by then the pimple has gone down. I brag about this little baby a lot so yea, I’m sticking with it. (Totally optional)


6. (Body & face) Aveeno daily moisturizer lotion. So I’ve learn my lesson on applying just any lotion, my skin reacts funny to just any lotion or body wash so Aveeno is the one I been sticking to. So I use it on my face or body in days when my skin is really dry… low maintenance days to be exact because I have the worst habit of forgetting to apply lotion. 


Let me know what products you use or beauty hacks you may have….maybe a mask I could buy? I love those! Maybe if you too suffer from these small heat/stress bumps, what do you do for them?  (leave comment) I’m always open to try something new, who knows. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Infinito XOXO’s 



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