Hey Lovess !

 Whats a world without women? 

I was once told I was such a feminist… so what!!?

I am so happy to be part of the one half of the community who brings such compassion, nurture, strength, and lets not forget style to this world. Everyone is made beautiful in their own unique way, no matter color or shape. Woman are just incredible and so much more, so why shouldn’t we embrace our feminism. 


We should not be put on a different platform where we are treated differently from men because we are expected to have “certain morals” and responsibilities. I’m proud to be a woman, someone who is allowed to do just the same, act however we like, &  never the less dress however the F*** we want without a double standard. 

***I do not mean shut out men either, they are awesome as well lol. (I love mon bébé)


With that said, something I feel we should really be doing is supporting each other as women. We are all here to improve ourselves, make our dreams a reality, and become someone…..We have enough haters in this world to create animosity between each other. Lately I been really trying to support my #BOSSGIRLS whether is helping with the smallest thing, if that small thing helps you achieve a goal or makes you feel supported Im all for it. We want to give the support that we would want in return… So why not start somewhere. 
Peep from The Pop Shop Houston Summer Fashion Show….



I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! & remember to help out your local girl gang!



Your Ultimate #BOSSBABE





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