Summer Sales: 2017 Wardrobe Picks

Hello Loves!!

So as you can tell summer sales have been hitting like crazy, and who would be crazy enough to miss one???

I finally got lucky enough to snag me up some lovely pieces!! & BTW everything I am showing you here came out all under 100 together so yay me!! (Discounts and coupons included)

I cannot wait to style these babies! I chose these pieces because I wanted to go with something I can transition into fall with tall boots, pants, and cardis, etc…. regardless I live in Houston, these stores are getting rid of summer clothes but this hot weather its not going anywhere anytime soon for us. Regardless of such I’m quite minimal/mono tone when it comes to my wardrobe. I thought I share these cute pieces just in case you might like or want to include into your shopping cart. 

Where to catch my favorite sales going on right now!?



Forever 21



Don’t miss these sales ladies! Some of these items are now only 5 to 12 bucks when they were originally 20 to 60 bucks. I believe the sale is going on out towards the end of July and first two weeks of August! Enjoy while it last!! 

P.S. if you hear of any good sales coming up let ya gal know!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Until next time babes…

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