The Scarf.

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Hey Loves,

So I currently became a fan of this little fashion statement. I came across this scarf at Zara, when I saw it hanging there I fell in love with it and wondered how many diff ways I could style it. I mostly like the light, short, silky, with an eye catching pattern or color type of scarf. What I love about this little detail is that it can make any plain outfit stand out. I’m not sure if there is a specific name for these smaller scarves… just because long or thick scarves can work a little different and they don’t necessarily work with the summery weather styles I prefer or I’m trying to go for.

Sooo let me just show you……… I have included different ways on how to style your scarf, also a few other styles I gathered from Pinterest, which I thought were uniquely beautiful and I haven’t really seen these styles worn much. Anything exotic and out of the ordinary always catches my attention.




The pin up

The Sailor man

The twist

The headband

The 60’s Gal




Jack’s picks…


Hope you all liked!! 




Until next time …

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