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Sundays are for Mimosas 

Hey Babes

I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer. I feel as if it’s been a summer well spent with all the events and days spent tanning under the sun. Time has been going by too fast to not enjoy our temporary season. 

To talk fashion, summer has been a sweet runway for fun fashion. I have really enjoyed wearing new styles and experimenting making my own looks. I think that’s why we get summer, to enjoy fresh linens and skimpy little things that sow off our collar bones or silky legs.

A look I really got obsessed about this summer was wide legged trousers. A piece of clothing that I never thought would look well on my body, turned out to be one of my best fits. Due to my petite physique, it is really hard to find styles like wide fits or maxis that won’t hide my curves or take inches off my height.

I swear I had looked everywhere for the perfect jumpsuit, since I been dying to rock one out but had no luck. Until recently, I went to The Grove while I was visiting LA, I decided to check out the stores there so I walked into Zara thinking “eh I’m just going to see what they have here” …. turns out they were in the middle of their summer sale! Looking around the store upstairs in a messy rack of clothes there it was, the perfect jumpsuit! I tried it on and boom!! It fit like a glove…. I know cliche but it was the most satisfying feeling ever. 

Let’s talk detail. What’s so great about this lovely piece? Starting from the bottom up…. a maxi cut around the ankles with wide legs slimming up to the waist. The top, a strappy overflowing to the waist with a back low cut. The print, a bright magenta with a beautiful print of flowers painted of various colors. I love the fact that its playful with the colors, I’m not exactly someone to go for bright colors but I’m not shy about wearing them either.

Moral of the story when you come by to a piece like this one, just buy it!!


Talking summer  days and how good its been to me, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good Sunday with my better half. Sundays are sacred if you ask me, the majority of people are off, brunch is quite popular, mimosas are a must, and better yet its my me and beau time. Get up and enjoy the day, thank God you are still alive and well.

I can speak for both of us when I say a good Sunday spent is waking up dressing up and getting some good ‘ol brunch. We try to change it up a bit to where we go whether is to visit a new place or cook at home, followed by either cold ones at a bar, spending the day going somewhere new, or just plain kicking back on the couch being lazy.

Beau is more laid back to as where I am more of “yelp it and lets try it out” kind of person…. I think, he personally likes it.

One of my most favorite places to go is the museum of fine arts. It is so inspirational to me, it literally makes me want to go buy some acrylic paint or oils and start painting. On the contrary I dress up and be the art ha! A girl loves to dress up and what better place to feel all dainty and gorgeous than at the museum. It just goes with me, something about fashion and fine art that just goes so well together.
If you haven’t visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, you must definitely go and check out their exhibition of Mexican Modernism from 1910-1950. The exhibition should be up through the first of October. I personally enjoyed it, seeing all the different kinds of styles each painter portrayed into their painting of how they saw the world at that time. Moods that reflected vulnerability or even happiness in the middle of all chaos.


Go experience it for yourself, you wont be disappointed!


So how do you spend your Sunday??


P.S Tell me what’s new to do out on Sundays or what new brunch place I should go check out! I would love to know.



Until next time babes



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