Summer’s Out!

Hello Loves!

I hope you are all doing amazing.

To start off, I just wanted to say…. I Love you Houston!

If you are not from Houston, I’m sure you have been keeping up or caught up with the latest news. On August, the 25th Hurricane Harvey made its way to Houston, hitting us with its final blow of a tropical storm. We went through a hard couple of days. There is not enough I can say for me to put into words of what our community felt or may still be feeling. What I can say is that we are one heck of a strong and united city, it amazed me how compassionate and how well we all came together to help one another immediately after the chaos. One thing I do know is that we will get through this, we will rebuild, and we will come out stronger than ever. Prayers, especially to all countries and states that are in the way of upcoming hurricanes. 

On another note its September, a new month why not start fresh? So drop what you are doing and read this, no tindering, no texting your boo, no breathing… lol jk please read this ?!

Fall is just around the corner, school is about to start once again, and not to mention all the holidays that come along with the season, it can get quite busy around this time

The purpose to this post is to keep you on track of things you want to achieve on the daily, basically to give you a push to keep going and remind you it’s never too late to start fresh. I personally find that writing this down also helps me as well and makes me feel great at the same time.

You are important baby!

When even beginning to start anything at all, I mean ANYTHING… taking care of my body is the best medicine. It can be up to the tiniest thing like; making sure I wash my face before sleep or when I wake up, exercise, or don’t pick at my face with dirty fingers. I swear it feels amazing when you take care of yourself, I mean hello we should treat ourselves like gold because if not us then who? This may sound silly but when doing little things like this for yourself, your mood changes. What happens when we are in a good mood? We actually want to get up and do something, we have a healthier lifestyle, we are confident, and it benefits us so much.

(It’s also kind like drinking the right milk for you, because you know drinking regular milk when you know you are lactose intolerant gets you bloated for hours and it hurts to suck in your stomach… plus clothing isn’t fitting so well and now you don’t feel so cute anymore… yea you don’t want that feeling. ((sorry to rant I was just trying to draw you a clear picture ha! GUILTY!)

Besides the little things I feel it’s necessary to take time to yourself, take a nice warm bath, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, or go get a massage (unless you can get one at home). Anything that makes you happy that can help loosen you up or prep you…. Release that stress girl! Hey sometimes turning on that Netflix and drinking a glass of wine is all I need.

P.S A good night sleep goes a long way

Time is money…

There’s two things that are important to me, and that’s making sure I do what I’m supposed to do first and get the things I really don’t want to do out the way so I have time for the things I actually enjoy doing. The way I see it is this, separate your “to-do list” to what’s important and from what can wait and go from there.

Basically….Priorities People!!!

I hate wasting precious time, I mean think about what you can be getting done. I can understand many that work, we are human so we get tired. Take a short nap and get back at it.

I personally want to do so much more with my time, I’m so tired of not doing all the things I want to do in a day, which can be done. I’m a procrastinator and I have a bit of ADD, but I’ve tried time management balancing work and school, and not to mention keeping up with my blog…. I think I’ve done pretty well. 

What do I do, or do differently? 

I write things down. I love having a planner, I literally note down everything from bills I have to pay, assignments, to dates. Its kind of like writing down your goals, you still got to meet them right? I also like to stay active, because once I’m down I don’t want to get up again (obvi don’t over exhaust yourself). Like I said before (above), I like to treat myself here and there to motivate me, or simply just keep me happy.

also…..Drinks lots of coffee.

“If you ever fall of track or find yourself discouraged, the best thing to do is get back to the plan as soon a possible. Just get back to your normal…back to your routine. Find a plan that works for you and stick to it as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with starting fresh.” 

Most importantly enjoy life, be happy….there is not a better feeling when you do the things you love.

Summer is out babes! 





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