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Hey Loves!

How are you? I hope great!!

Im not sure if I mentioned before but as of lately the only place I shop is online. So if you ever wonder where to find what or which sites are the best, or who has the best sales/stuff…. I am your girl! Warning! I am not afraid to shop online !!

A lot of girls seem to find the whole experience to the mall a retail therapy or to splurge for whatever the occasion is, I find it overwhelming. I use to love going to the mall to try everything on, I mean I swear I would spend half of my time there but that all changed. Lately, I feel the malls stay packed and clothes are all over the place ….I just cant. I no longer have the patience for it and I personally prefer to shop in peace. I know, if you go during the weekdays before rush hour it’s perf but unfortunately I work those same exact hours. I started shopping more online and I find it sooooo much better, not only can I take my sweet time without having to leave my house but I also have a view of all the merch that may not even be out in stores.

So I decided to tell you all my little secrets so pay attention!! lol… I always get asked where I got this and that while I’m out and I swear I have think wait, which website did I get it from? and then I have to write down the website …so here it is THE POST with everything you need to know! If you are like me and like different pieces that many others may not have or maybe you don’t want to bump into anyone in public wearing the same item? then take notes babygirl! (BTW I don’t care if you want to get the same item as me, I’m not a Bitch so I will share lol, girl power am I right? Plus I just go for different pieces)












1. First things first SUBSCRIBE!! … Try using an email you don’t mind having all those emails coming in on

2. There is always sales going on, use their codes !! OR p.s try looking up coupons/codes on…. There will be days these sites may not have a sale going on but I promise wait a day or two and BANG …Sale!!

3. Most websites I shop at have newer merch online than inside stores… I like first dibs ! In some cases some websites have exclusive online pieces they will never be in store.

4. I believe I get better deals than in store such as “Forever21” for ex. they hardly ever have a sale in store but online, always!!

5. Best for last… Organized Merch ! Who doesn’t like that? 🙂
















P.S I love these sites. Not only do I shop at them all the time but I also trust them. A lot of people worry about trusting a certain site especially if its an overseas shop but those are the ones with the best merch! I’m always down to try a new website… all while laying in bed sipping on my wine ! 

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As always, XOXO Jacks.


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