Home décor: Fall edition

Hey Dolls ! 

This weeks weather has been amazing in Houston ! Its been so breezy it has def got me in the fall spirit and by that I mean I been obsessing about fall décor ! I literally want to go buy every pumpkin spice candle and pie out there, just so my home can smell like fall and feel cozy. The fact that I’m really loving the color orange at the moment its a plus, because it just gives me an excuse to include the color into my décor scheme.

If you didn’t know this little fact…. I love interior decorating. It has to be my  second favorite thing in the world next to fashion. If you think I have good sense in style you haven’t seen nothing yet! As of lately I been indulging in re-decorating my boyfriends house because well hello… his casa is my casa! 

I haven’t really talked about home décor because I’m currently at my own place and I would rather not furnish it since I plan to move out in the near future. Instead, since I spend nearly 90% of my time at my boyfriends, lounging and looking over our baby (our dog Kobe), I’m only tempted to redecorate lol. Regardless, I’m the one with the great sense in style ha! No but honestly he loves it.


So the holidays are near and there is nothing I like more than having the house looking gorgeous when family and friends come to visit. I promised I was going to include décor ideas and my latest finds into my blog so here it goes my first one!! 

I’m very picky when it comes to decorating a room, not only does it have to go well together but it has to have three main things to make it a perfect room. I love a cozy room, a minimal room, and a room that is exactly my style.

My favorite season is here, so I warmed up the house with rich earthy colors.  I recently went shopping with le beau at Homegoods, and I picked a few new babies for the living room and kitchen. So this year I mixed up burnt orange, gold, and brown along with wooded and gold details. The key is to not to over do it that way your pieces make the room pop. I cant wait to actually put everything together and show you guys. Here are a few things I have put together so far just to give you an idea of how you can make a statement piece or what kind of items you can use.

(BTW sorry for my summer mags, I totally forgot to switch em out !)




Get some of my similar buys

Above are few items like the ones I just purchased, you can find these items or other similar looks at the stores listed below…

1. Homegoods
2. At Home
3. Target
4. Pottery Barn
5. Hobby Lobby
6. Ikea

I will keep you guys updated in the finishing touches !


I hope you guys are enjoying this gorgeous weather! Drink some wine & get on the season moods….Remember friends don’t WINE alone 😉


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