A New Year, A Better me

So 2018 is here and I cant wait to see what this year has in store for me . I don’t really take a new year a reason to start something but instead to appreciate things that I have accomplished in the past year and most importantly to better myself. Its a full learning experience. In most cases people just want to get the year over with and forget about it because its the “past”, but whats a future without a past to learn from. I’m just thankful to had made it through another year filled with memories. For my first blog post of the year I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of just giving you my New Years’ resolutions, I wanted to give you my accomplishments and what I’m most proud from the last year.


I finished of the year with straight As in school. If you don’t think that’s something big, for me it has been a challenge. Having to deal with a full time career and make time for school can really drain you. After it all I’m so proud I stuck through and now I can say I’m ready for more.

I finished paying my car. The first official thing under my name.

I got a new job position at work which has open a lot of doors for me. (and credit cards, LOL just kidding)

New relationships, better relationships. I have always kept a small circle but this year has shown me who my true friends are and who I can count on, not that I lost any I just gained some really great ones. I’m also always proud to see my own love relationship grow, it has been one of the few things I cherish the most and can only count for many more endless life experiences with my other half.

I have really kicked it up a notch on my blog. Its my little precious which has been really hard to keep up with, but I feel I was able to spend more time on it than before. Its a working process. 


Learn a new foreign language. (I have always loves Italian or French lingo)

Practice my photography skills.

One of the things I want to do the most this year is able to connect to my followers more. Maybe I don’t spend enough time into my blog or drawing in my followers which causes them to lose interest, but I feel I’ve got better and will make sure I bring so much more to the table. Patience is key, work always pays off.

Improve my organization habits. I’m guilty for a messy room…

Travel more.

Keep and better my fitness lifestyle. I think I came a long way last year with getting in shape but with school and the holidays I slacked off a bit (to be completely honest) But I love working out and I cant wait to move on to the next step which is working on my body fat percentage! 

♥ ♥ ♥


Its called a new year for a reason, you will go through new things that will only happen within that year, not that the last not the next. So lets make this a great one! CHEERS!

Whats your New Years’ resolution?


XOXO Jacks

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