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Colorado + The Proposal

I don’t think the year could had started any better. When you tell yourself, this new year is going to be different and you have all these things planned out but you never expect for it to hit you the first month of the year, and BAM!
                                                                  You’re engaged!!

So, like I was saying before this year could not had started any better. It started with planning the first trip of the year. Me and hubs have been planning a trip to Colorado for a while now. We wanted to make sure we enjoyed the snowy season only because we really don’t get snow here in Houston (none at all actually) or at least a consistent type of weather like Colorado’s. So Colorado it was, and we were off to vacay!

January 6th.
Babe and I headed out to the Rocky Mountains on Saturday the second day of our trip. Let me just say Colorado is just beautiful, the Rocky’s …spectacular! There is nothing else that brings so much peace to me then the view of pine trees covered in snow, snowy mountains, everything is just so serene. Once there babe and I made sure we took all the routes around the mountains just to make sure we didn’t miss anything, there is so many little stops along the roads where you can park and explore the site. We were about to reach the highest point of the Rocky’s when we spotted a little a wooden boardwalk going in towards the trees, we had to check it out! I was the cutest spot I’ve seen especially because the pass way was covered in snow. It was a one-way boardwalk that ended right in the middle of the trees by a frozen river, everything around was covered in snow and you had a view of the mountains in the background.




It was somewhat funny because we were taking so may pictures and I was persistent babe got the tripod from the car, so we can get some good shots of us both. So he went and came back with the tripod (while I stayed back taking selfies lol)

**side note. Before entering the Rocky’s, we stopped at the entrance to take a picture by the big rock that reads “Estes Park”. There we found a couple who had also stopped to take pictures. They ended up taking a picture of us, vise versa….and then we were off.


Coincidently the couple we found at the entrance were coming in towards the little boardwalk, so my hubs decides to ask them if they could take one more picture of us …click… (my hair was everywhere) so I said “ah wait my hair was in my face” and just when I thought they were going to take another one he turns me around while he takes a box out of his jackets’ pocket …(I laugh nervously) before anything else he’s in one knee. That was it, I was in heaven. After the couple sneakily played their part they left and it was just us two, we stayed behind alone so emotionally happy and out of nowhere it starts snowing from the mountains…. magic


(BTW I said YES!)

Its crazy how thing just work out so perfectly as if its meant to be. He tells me he was waiting until we got to the highest point of the Rocky’s, but he says that spot was it. Everything from the location, the view, the little coincidences….it was everything a girl can wish for.

I was utterly caught by surprise. I don’t think the setting could had been any more perfect. The fact that it was no where near cliché and the though he put into all of the proposal, lets me know even more how lucky I am to have him for the long run. 



♥ ♥ ♥

If you do ever plan to visit Colorado I will have to urge you to go! Its one of the best trips we taken so far, just because we were able to experience a little bit of everything. There is so much to do and more, whether you go during the winter or summer there is countless of activities to do especially if you are the outdoorsy kind of person. Here’s a few places you can try out just in case you have no idea where to start or better yet decide to stay in Boulder, CO, which is were we stayed. 

Where to stay…

I really recommend Embassy Suites in Boulder. The stay was pleasant and the staff was the BEST! …now there is always Airbnb which is really affordable as well, and you can even stay closer to attractions you plan to visit on your trip. 


Visit Boulder historic places……Downtown, Pearl Street, The University of Boulder



Try…Japango, The Kitchen, Centro Mexican Kitchen, Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, or try many other places on famous Pearl Street. 


Last but not least, have some fun!

Maybe try Skiing at Eldora, Hiking at the Estes Park or Walker Ranch, Ice skate in Central park. There is so many things to do, just pick one and you are guaranteed a good time!



♥ ♥ ♥


I hope I didn’t bore you, but I just wanted to share a really special moment with you all and give you a bit of sweet ol’ Colorado and everything it has to offer.


Until next time..


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