Skin care Pt. 2 + Products under $10


Although the winter season is almost over, one thing I cannot stand is dry, crackling, or bumpy is skin. If you are anything like me its the aftermath of winter that has really done damage on my skin. I don’t think I noticed until early January how the weather change started to give me an allergic reaction, I had to do something because dry skin ain’t cute!

There is a few products that I can swear by and thought be nice to share my remedy’s. I like to recommend what I have tried and what has worked for me, not only that but they are also very affordable. I feel you dont need the most expensive products to have great skin. Now unless you own a skin product that you just cant let go off because it works for you then even better because I’m guilty of that! (& PS please let me know your secret!)

So whether you haven’t tried anything yet or want to try something new here it goes…

for the body.


These two are my go-to all the time! I have super sensitive skin so trying other products is very difficult (like I get rash type of bad) so I use this everyday unless on those winter days where my skin is the worst then I’ll go with the products below.


Aquaphor , Vaseline, & equate

My little skin secret….so if you are having the worst skin currently and want a quick remedy try these! I tend to get really bumpy skin instead of the usual dry and cracking, so I use a bit of Equaphor and Vaselin, mix it together and make sure the damage skin gets a good layer spread over it. It can get a little oily so I would suggest do  this if you plan to stay in or just wear a layer of clothing over it. I also wear Equaphor by itself on smaller areas and ill even carry in my purse. (I made my fiancé put some on, on his really dry almost bleeding knuckles and in two days they were going back to normal) 

Now if you want a cheap but very effective lotion for dry skin, try equate. You can only find it at Wal-mart I think, its the non-name brand for the Vaseline products just cheaper. I freaking love it because it works like magic (I am not exaggerating). I usually apply it after the shower and it lasts all day.

Cost-Equaphor $5, Vaseline $5, Equate $7

for the face

The body shop: Vitamin E

I got this gift set for Christmas and I’m loving it so far. I really like it’s texture and how light it feels on my face. It’s a new product for me although I can feel difference on my face I think it’s worth buy for a starter face product. Usually this products can be pricey but you can get them on sale anytime.

Cost-$20 gift set.

Neutrogena & Soap Girl

So I talked about my face wash before on my last post which you can read here, It does the trick on cleaning and taking off my makeup… good enough for me. Now this little number I wanted to talk about, “the famous Soap girl clay mask”, what do I think so far? Although I’m very low maintenance this clay mask its very easy to apply and it does its job. After washing off the mask your skin feels so smooth right after, sometimes you just know a product is doing the work right away. I don’t apply this mask as often, only usually after a breakout or when I notice I’m about to break out on my monthly days but I notice my face clear out faster. One thing I do love is how clean your face feels and who doesn’t love a clean breathable face!?

Cost-Neutrogena $7, Soap Girl $6

Clean&Clear & Garnier Skin Active

These two little gems which I also talked about here, are like my little wands. Read about it, check it out,  they are my biggest recommendations!

Cost-Clean&Clear $5, Garnier Skin Active $7

♥ ♥ ♥

Any who, I though I share this little things with you in which I love doing so I hope you were able to find this very helpful! BTW let me know what your faves are, or if you tried any of these products! 

Until next time…


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