Spring brings in the new


So spring is in full bloom and I’m head over heels for this time of year!

After winter came and dried out all the trees and flowers, spring comes to bloom everything back up again. What does that mean for us? spring is all about starting fresh, its that time of year where you can begin again, let go, and embrace something new.

I have been totally MIA (from my blog I should say) for a while now and I think its time to get back to blogging! Its not like I haven’t cared to, I just been so busy and of course also trying to enjoy some time off for a very reasonable excuse…. & I’ll tell you why.

First and fore most this year has been nothing but blessings so far. I love spring and I mean its not just the cliché “I love spring blah blah”, I mean its legit one out of all four the best season for me….why is it so special? Well first of, spring is the season I was born on and what better holiday than my b-day! second I always get so damn excited about spring wardrobe, the heels, the dresses, the florals, the pastels, etc., & last the weather is just amazing for all of the above. Apart from all of that, this spring on March 3rd marked the day I got to marry my best friend. So needless to say not only it explains why I love spring so much but why it has become my favorite one yet.97ccaf7bf8008d8a136b2709aa08b9f7--ems-art-and

Being that is the start of a whole new season, I have posted a few new things I learned or experienced just the last two months as well as some short term goals for the next two months. Little things like this makes me happy to share and also help me accomplish them a little more.


1. I haven’t impulse shopped since Jan which I’m most proud of because honestly a girl is trying to get somewhere, and by that I mean I would like to invest my money on better things or events. (in other words whats actually important)

2. I’m officially all moved out from my house (So expect some more home decor blog posts! also which I will also share my experience with you on how it has been for me to move out *on a future post)

3. I have learned to take life a bit more lightly, sometimes I tend to over think stuff or stress for no reason. 

4. I learned how to snow ski, which I though was going to be the reason for my death. 

5. Home cook meals are best meals. (meaning more healthy dinners from yours truly…not being home makes me wish I had ate all my momma’s home cooked meals)

6. I have learned to saved a great chunk a money…. I was never a saver which is #1 main reason. P.S more money makes me happy.

Short Term Goals

1. Invest time into blogging as always. My blog is my baby and I plan to make it grow

2. Stop procrastinating 

3. Lose a few pounds. 5lb for the next two months, my goal is only 15 don’t want to get too thin after all I’m not that big… besides I want to get fit before the baby comes…not yet! (but giving myself at least a year and a half)

4. Drink less wine & drink more water. Literally drink the 6-8 8oz glasses that are required!

5. Read more. I use to read a lot when I was young, I don’t know what happen but I love reading specially fiction books about mysteries, suspense, or sci-fi. If you know of any books please recommend!! I think I’ll try to read at least one book within 4 months or less. 

6. Travel as much as I can…. this next two years is all about being selfish with my boo! So far we have Aruba and Philippines on the list!! 


Let me know how your year has gone so far or what are some of your short term goals you have planned out. Remember to follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to start fresh! 


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