Spring Haul. Part 1

When I started packing out my things to move into my new home, I started taking clothing out that I haven’t used in a while or probably don’t fit anymore. Needless to say my wardrobe became quite small specially items I could use for the spring since my taste in style changes occasionally, so its time for an update !

I got a few new items to add to my spring collection (this year) and other pieces I’m keeping from last year. But I really wanted to share some of these new items because I feel just about anyone can wear them and look good in them. 

So the items I have purchased and placed below I got on sale promotions which I just so happen to come across when it magically popped into my e-mail. All my items are from & Forever21, 

(Now before you say, “ugh another Forever21 piece” or “its so overrated”… I’ll tell you I find very great quality and unique pieces especially from the online exclusives. & because I find some really good pieces and because of that I love to share!)

Here are the babies that made it to my closet…. anyways enough lets get to the more important things!


FRESH LINENS!New * New * New

This little dress is from Forever 21. I’m freaking obsessed with it & I say that because I literally wore for two weekends in a row LOL. I like that it hugs my figure and hides any bloating lol. I think the length is perfect, its flirty and really fresh. It does come in different colors so in case you don’t like the bright looks.

green dress

ribbon shirtForever21- Gingham wrap-around top.

So I don’t know why I never owned a pair of fun red shoes…. so um I had no other choice but get them! I actually bought these as a birthday gift for myself and since my fav color is red why not!

red heels

I told myself I would look for more playful jumpsuits….and what better than a all black but yet sexy jumpsuit that can still be worn in the spring! This is it !

black jumperLulus- Please and Thanks Jumpsuit

polka dotForever 21

POLKA DOTS on a simple relaxed look = 100% !!



BTW Guys! for those who don’t know or are just now catching up with my blog, go check out my closet @ I posted new item (on sale) I hardly wore or just wore once….(impulse buying was a thing)…. sometimes I just change wardrobe too often. Hope you guys like 🙂


P.S Part Numero Dos Coming Soon!



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