Haul Pt. 2 + Spring & Summer Finds


This post is long overdue…

So this is finally the first week I get to breath since finals. I been wanting to post this spring haul since after my birthday, but due to finals I decided that this would have to wait. It is becoming really hard keeping up with my blog when I have loads of homework or food prepping to do (wifey duties). Nonetheless, I have finally finished this spring semester and I am a FREE WOMEN! I can now blog…. So since technically spring is not over, I still wanted to include this post into my blog for this year’s spring AND summer finds. Also because all many of my new pieces are perfect for both the spring and summer I decided to go ahead and put them together. (also because I cant wait to share much longer)

So shall we….?

This year I wanted to involve a lot of pastel colors such as nude & yellow hues…. when I say this year I say it because normally I don’t follow the same style or color scheme each year I just wear what makes me feel pretty & comfortable. As I said in my last post, my favorite color is red so I been incorporating pops of it here and there….its my signature to most of my ensembles right now.

♥ ♥ ♥


So here are some looks and buys I splurged on lately. These are some of the items I wanted to keep for a while & also mix and match thorough the summer so I made sure to pick some pieces I love.









♥ ♥ ♥


If you would like to shop my outfit or similar looks click on the number below

Earings 1, 2/Top 1/Jacket 1, 2/Skirt 1/Handbag1, 2, 3/Shoes 12


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Chau Bella!

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