Be the boss of your time!

“We choose the time, don’t let it choose you…”


When you’re an adult there is so many things people pressure you with… being a girl is no exception. I know I’m not the only one that gets asked the same questions over and over like “When do you plan to get married?” (although I’m already married), “When do you finish school?”, or “When are you going to start having kids?” Its even so, many even want to advice you on how to live your life, as if there’s an order or law on how it has to be done. As polite as one wants to be, one of the things that comes across my mind is “Can I just live my life?!, and please mind your business” (I don’t say that of course). Honestly we all have a plan, as adults we know how we want to do things and when but also we can’t be in control of all of life’s natural interruptions. In some cases you still might not  have it figured out but don’t worry you will eventually.

relax…. no pressure.

So I just want to let you know that its OKAY to be a little selfish with your plans and your own timeframe !

“I didn’t know there was a deadline I had to follow, did I miss the memo??!”

I feel nowadays people expect you to have your shit together by a certain age, honestly its frustrating the pressure they put on you. I’m only 27 and I feel young, I’m still continuing my education, I want to continue traveling, enjoy the married life with my husband, I want to do things without having to break back and feel the pressure or having to do things before a certain time of my life. I do advice that you do a lot for yourself, don’t settle for less because doing nothing wont get you anywhere either.

In my opinion I feel a woman should be able to breath in a little enjoy the pleasure of successes she makes, whether is landing the job position she wants, spoiling herself, or traveling her ass off. Same goes for marriage or bearing a child, some desire it, some want to wait, and others feel they are okay without it. Is not for everyone and we should be okay with that. We shouldn’t pressure woman to marry or bear children when is not their desire.


On a closer note…

“…the only pressure I have or worry about on the daily is doing my hw or wondering what I’m going to wear”

I always felt that pressure, people around me suggested I had to do this and that at a certain time (or should I say because time was running out)… but unlike many, I’m different. I have always chose to do me, to be the one who stands out. Not necessarily the rebel but someone who doesn’t like follow but to lead instead. With that I mean the one and only thing I’m able to control, is my life. I’m the boss of it, so enjoying every bit of it or taking my time if needed is exactly what I’ll do to make sure every decision I make is something I will be entirely happy with. 

I’m 27 freshly married, no kids…..happiest I could ever been. I still don’t feel like I’m running out of time… (the only pressure I have or worry about on the daily is doing my hw or wondering what I’m going to wear) It wasn’t so long ago when people kept asking me when I was getting married, I got asked so much that even I was starting to ask as well and to be honest I was fine with my relationship, it was good so pressure added on can really make you think different or not like yourself. It came to the point I was telling people to stop asking me because anything can happen and most importantly I am in no rush. Funny thing, it never ends… I am now married and now the new question is when are you having kids? I swear everyone has asked me, strangers, family, and friends. I didn’t know there was deadline I had to follow, did I miss the memo??!

I’m just glad I have a supportive husband. Someone who wants the best for me and feels I deserve success and time for myself just the way he would want for himself (ourselves now) Someone who puts me and us first so we can become something more than what’s expected. (as long as we are in the same page that’s all that matters)

If you think that you need to put yourself in a certain pedestal because its what society expects of you or because they feel its right for you, DON’T! We are not defined or were made to be housewives or bear so and so children. We choose the time, don’t let it choose you. We were made to choose our destiny through love, experiences, achievements, adventures and more. We have such a strong voice that we are able to change society’s thoughts and live at our  own pace. Because we are more than just a housewife, birth giver, a cook, we are so much more.

Just be happy, do you, you can do anything you want when you think you are ready. Travel, let loose, get married, have children, stay Independent, anything you want all at your own time! No pressure.

Stay you babe!




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