The T-shirt edit

Hello there!


There is nothing more I love than dressing up or wearing a new outfit, but once in a while I like to be comfortable to the point I just want to stay minimal by putting something on without much thought. Which comes to my latest little obsession… TEE’S! Now I will say wearing a t-shirt and bottoms just doesn’t sound fun or fab to me so making sure I style it up with something that will make my outfit pop is a must… (I guess its just in my nature to be slightly overdressed most of the time)

I have tons of t-shirts and I hate for them to just be sitting in my closet, so I have been styling them up. Slowly but surely I been wearing mostly tee’s nowadays. Houston’s summer is crazy hot so I have found them to be the freshest thing for me every now and then.

Instead of just throwing on a shirt and pants, pair your tee with any of your high-waister trousers or mom jeans, a flowy or structured skirt, you will make your tee look so chic that you might just have yourself a whole new outfit. After, just be fun with it….shoes can be anything you want your outfit to be (I usually love to wear mules with my minimal outfits), use a very color popping or structured shoulder bag, tie a scarf around your neck or hair, wear some colorful earrings, or add a semi-bulky belt. It’s the little things that would make such a plain outfit standout. 

And all honestly this outfit you make out of wearing your favorite tee can easily be a date night, girls night out, or your running errands outfit…. as I would 🙂 Just thought I’ll share a little bit of my go to item this summer. 



If you wanted an idea where to get some pretty affordable tees that are minimal yet chic, I placed a few of my favorite sites below…

Remember is not about how much you have on, its about about how you make it look with your own personal touch! You don’t always have to be super dressed up to look cute!


Shop some of my Favorites tee’s @…




Happy Shopping !!

XO Jacks

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