Why you need these sunnies for Summer

If you’re like me and love sunnies, you’re at the right place!


If there’s an area where I love being a little spontaneous in, is my eye-wear.



I can never ask anyone “how do you like these sunglasses?”, because most of the time I’m going to get a response I don’t want to hear. People (most) usually go for the typical frames or colors in glasses, me in the other hand appreciate uniqueness.

I typically go for cat-eyed frames. I find them to go well with my face and personality. My husband tells me, “Why do you always get glasses like that?” … I usually just say “because I can” (and smile) but he’s used to my funky taste in style by now.

And to be completely honest I always go for inexpensive sunglasses because I am not the best at taking care of them, its probably why i have so many… but hey, if you can take care of yours by all means splurge baby! there is nothing wrong with that.

I have a drawer full of sunglasses (and well prob many other place where I stick my glasses in) and usually carry around my favorite ones in my purse. So I wanted to show you at least my top favorite type of sunnies and also where you might be able to buy them for less. 

These are glasses I have actually purchased recently or use daily. I normally carry basic colors with me, I feel you don’t need a random color to make the statement… although I been dying to get these transparent lilac narrowed sunnies from UO for the summer and prob take to vacay. You should really get yourself some funky sunglasses this summer, you will be getting lots of compliments!



Urban Outfitters




Amazon (as shown on my pictures)


Urban Outfitters





My all time favorite to shop for all type of sunglasses has been Urban Outfitters….. but as of lately I discovered Amazon shopping, & well lets just say I’m a little hooked! With Amazon I have actually found so much more variety for a much lesser price…. and if you are worried about quality it is just as good! A lot of the products you shop from retail stores are actually right in Amazon, so if you see some type of accessory you been wanting to get but you feel its too expensive or they are selling it overpriced, 90% time you will find it in Amazon. Just saying!

Flips hair* Okay!


I hope you all are enjoying your summer, stay shady!!

Chau Bella!




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