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My name is Jackelyne (but you guys can call me Jackie) and I am 26. I am very excited to share with you my sense of style, thoughts, and so much more. I cant wait to meet new people along the way, people who would like to collaborate/connect with me to share ideas, do projects, or more. I blog about fashion, fitness, beauty hauls plus tips, and lifestyle. So please feel free to subscribe if you are into this type of stuff 🙂

I’m currently a nurse advancing my education to a Bachelor’s degree of Science. My goal is to work in oncology, to help kids fight cancer & make sure there are well taken care of. Fashion has always been part of my life as well, it is my hobby, my me time, my passion, so I spend my quality time blogging and trying new trends. I feel I have a very artistic side of me, so why not put it to use in something I love. Houston, Texas is my home, but from time to time I like to escape to a new place. My boyfriend is my happiness. Having such a busy schedule, on my days off I enjoy long naps, binge watch TV-shows/movies with the hubs, and eat junk. I’m the girl who’s always smiling, I speak my mind and have the biggest heart. Dreamer but achiever

Open to collaborate with designers/companies or bloggers to promote them through social media, giveaways, sponsored posts, reviews etc. If you would like to collaborate with me or would like to be featured on my blog contact me via email: jackelyne91@yahoo.com

Instagram: peaceloveandjack
Snapchat: xoxo.jackelyne


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